Tenancy Contract UAE

It is legally required to register your rental agreement in the United Arab Emirates.

Tenancy agreements in the Emirates must be attested.

What is a UAE Tenancy Contract?

Simply put, a tenancy agreement or rental contract is a legally enforceable agreement that grants the renter use of a property for a specific use and duration. The lease terms, as well as the mutually agreed-upon expectations and requirements of both parties, are all specified in the agreement.


Being an expat, you cannot have a legal halt in the UAE with just a residence visa. Also, you ought to maintain a current lease. Despite the country’s legal regulations, some expatriates continue to stay in the area improperly.

There was a time when those who received residence visas resided in “shared accommodations.” While the country’s structure has been altered by a permanent rule on tenancy law. It generates shelter for families or forces it onto them. The sponsor must provide the immigration authority with a legitimate tenancy contract for the residence visa to be approved. They won’t issue the residency visa unless they get confirmation. By passing this legislation, the government is so guaranteeing the protected stay of the expatriates.

A tenancy agreement outlines the obligations of both the tenant and the landlord. The rules provide that the agreement must be in writing, include the correct address and rent amount, and be witnessed by the appropriate authority. The rental period must be mentioned. The contract may be renewed or revoked by the parties after the grace period. The tenant is also responsible for keeping the property in excellent repair.

Download Unified Ejari Tenancy Contract

However, there are still some persons who occupy apartments and villas unlawfully without a valid tenancy agreement. And many people divide their rooms and illegally sublet the property to profit financially. Such folks are only anticipating “the day,” when they will be alive. Any errors, though, could completely alter their life story. When a guy marries, his responsibility increases and this responsibility grows with the birth of children. Tenancy Law is one of the duties that the government has taken on in the interim. As a result, purchasing a home is required before financing a wife and children. The government wants to ensure that the family is safe in this way.

How can I obtain a UAE Pass tenancy agreement?

Log in to reap the rewards. Simply go to the Smart Hub website after registering for UAE PASS, and log in using your UAE PASS credentials. The creation of a Smart Hub account is a prerequisite for all tenants to issue tawtheeq contracts following Abu Dhabi Municipality’s (ADM) specifications.

Is the tenancy contract valid without Ejari?

No! Lacking Ejari, the lease agreement required to rent a flat in Dubai is void. Only if you have the Ejari in Dubai is a valid tenancy contract effective to protect you. Additionally, the Ejari demands that you have a second Visa for your family.

What are the tenancy agreement’s guidelines?

The parties involved, the rental amount, any security deposit the landlord may be holding, the property address, the start and end dates of the tenancy, and the duties of the tenant and landlord should all be stated in tenancy agreements. Both parties must be fully informed of the terms of the agreement.

How long is a tenancy contract in effect?

Although it varies depending on the economy, a good rule of thumb is 18 to 24 months.

How long is a tenancy contract in effect?

Although it varies depending on the economy, a good rule of thumb is 18 to 24 months.

Can I change my mind after signing the lease?

A “break clause” is a provision that some fixed-term lease agreements permit tenants to break early with notice. If your lease doesn’t contain a break provision, you can only vacate early with the landlord’s consent. You should, if at all feasible, have this agreement in writing.

Who has the authority to create a lease?

You and your landlord are parties to a contract known as the tenancy agreement. It could be verbal or written. Both you and your landlord are granted certain rights under the tenancy agreement. For instance, both your right to occupy the space and your landlord’s right to be paid rent for renting out the space.

How well do people follow or obey the law? 

Until they are personally impacted, people are not at all concerned with the laws or the rules of society. More regulations or warnings will result in more irresponsible behavior. There are still some people who are unaware of the laws of tenancy, for instance. There are still con artists mockingly attesting papers and defrauding individuals, and there are still foreign nationals residing in hotel or villa rooms under white paper contracts that are worthless in the eyes of the law. Additionally, it is not possible to include more than two names in a lease agreement.

There must undoubtedly be some financial rewards for individuals who engage in this, but no one will ever earn lawfully from it.


People need to start realizing how important land is and start attesting to tenants’ tenancies. Individuals must be made aware of the towns’ available channels of assistance for tenants. When you face difficulties with your rental situation, authorities are always available to assist you.

” Stay Safe and Legal “

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